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With so many imitations and knock-offs, a designated Limitorque Blue Ribbon Distributor
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Anything else is a gamble.

Trust IPT for Limitorque actuators and Limitorque gearboxes

Flowserve Limitorque developed the “torque limiting” design decades ago, and today all heavy-duty electric actuators use the process to safely run automated valves. The advantages of Limitorque actuators and control systems include:

• Automation advantages      • Improved operating efficiencies      • Complete digital network protocols

IPT’s Limitorque representatives help customers choose the right Limitorque actuators and deliver ongoing, dependable support and/or parts to maintain them. Throughout southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern Nevada, IPT reps are available around-the-clock to handle your Limitorque actuators, Limitorque gearboxes, and all related parts and services.

IPT is a factory-authorized Blue Ribbon Repair and Service Center certified for Limitorque actuators, which has led the valve-automation industry since the company launched nearly 90 years ago.

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IPT handles sales and repairs for Limitorque actuators in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern Nevada, including Las Vegas.

Limitorque actuators are available for both multi-turn and quarter-turn operation in the most demanding environmental conditions. Non-intrusive design options offer a full complement of network controls and options, or basic intrusive actuation for simplified control applications.

Limitorque MX Series: Enhances safety and reduces downtime through improved diagnostics, built-in self-test (BIST) features, and LimiGard fault-protection capabilities. Weatherproof, explosion-proof and submersible applications. Electronic torque switch. 100% repeatable and redundant absolute encoder for position sensing.

Limitorque QX Series: Non-intrusive electric actuator for a wide range of environmental applications in power, oil & gas, and water industries. The Limitorque QX design builds on proven MX technology to provide user-preferred features in a quarter-turn smart actuator package.

Limitorque L120 Series: A multi-turn actuator, recognized for paramount performance and unrivaled reliability. The Limitorque L120 comes in eight unit sizes and can handle up to 60,000 ft-lb of torque and 500,000 ft-lb of thrust. Thousands depend on the L120 for versatile applications – from gate valves to penstocks – and perfect performance in the most demanding conditions.

Limitorque SMB Series: Solid construction provides a service life up to 30 years. All housings rugged cast iron. Extreme environment performance enabled by nuclear, weatherproof, submersible or explosion-proof construction. Lower maintenance and downtime owing to torque-limiting feature, which de-energizes the motor to prevent valve damage in the event of an obstruction.

MX Series

QX Series

L120 Series

SMB Series

IPT delivers sales and repairs for Limitorque gearboxes in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern Nevada.

Limitorque gearboxes provide the mechanical advantage to make hand operation possible for most valves. If automated process control is needed or torque requirements are too high for manual operation to be practical, gearboxes couple to the Limitorque MX, Limitorque L120 and Limitorque SMB actuators.

Limitorque V Series: Bevel gearboxes offer an extensive range of thrust and torque outputs for multi-turn applications such as gate and globe valves, and slide gates. The Limitorque V can be accommodated for weatherproof or temporary submersion (IP67) service. Lasting life via ductile iron housing, roller bearing-supported shafts and drive sleeve that provide durability

Limitorque WG Series: Worm gearboxes designed for quarter-turn butterfly, ball and plug valve applications as well as quarter-turn and multi-turn dampers. Offers unsurpassed quality and longevity in a wide variety of weatherproof, submersible and buried-service applications. Reduces downtime with removable, top-entry, splined valve shaft adapter, which ensures proper engagement of the valve stem.

Limitorque HBC Series: Worm gear operators able to actuate myriad devices – manually and motorized – at impressive range of output speeds and torque. Dependability proven in the most demanding situations, ranging from nuclear power plants, to large damper operations, to power plant flue gas desulphurization. Equipped with a handwheel, the Limitorque HBC can be used to manually operate butterfly, plug and ball valves.

V Series

WG Series

HBC Series

Areas Served by IPT Limitorque Reps

We serve the greater Los Angeles and San Bernardino Inland Empire areas: 
Long Beach, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Whittier, Glendale, Azusa, and Ontario.

Our territories include:  All of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Mono, Monterey, and Ventura counties; in Nevada, Las Vegas and the counties of Clark, Esmeralda, and Nye; and the entire states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Hawaii.

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IPT also sells and repairs these Limitorque products:

  • Designed to deliver maximum torque with the lowest possible displacement and overall size. High-strength, wear-resistant materials ensure efficiency and reliability in high-cycle, heavy-duty applications.

  • Designed to operate on high pressure pneumatic supply, including pipeline gases, nitrogen and any other equivalent high pressure source.

  • Hydraulic, quarter-turn, scotch yoke actuators. Designed to meet or exceed  most current and stringent safety and reliability standards for application in the oil and gas industry.

  • Quarter-turn, scotch yoke. Designed to meet or exceed the most current and stringent safety and reliability standards for application in the oil and gas industry.


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