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Engineered Process Equipment Solutions

Bring your specific needs to IPT and if we don’t stock the solution, we’ll make one. Our engineer team designs and builds pump skid systems, valve and actuator assemblies, and tank system assemblies. We are experts in engineered process equipment.

Chemical Feed Pump Skid Systems

Chemical-Feed Pump Skid Systems

Chemical-feed pump skid systems
custom stainless-steel design

3-pump w/ side panel
coagulant, sodium permanganate

3-pump enclosure
ferric chloride, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric acid – arsenic-reduction facility

Electrical Controls

Electrical Controls

IPT has a dedicated group of professional engineers, programmers, fabricators and installers, who incorporate the latest in automated system technologies to develop engineered process equipment.

Our control systems include the UL508A certification.

IPT provides simple logic, stand-alone control systems, through fully automated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) / GRU (Graphical User Interface) based control systems.  We are experienced in the use of all of the leading manufacturers of PLC’s.

Integration and Control Systems

Integration and Control Systems

Automated Process Control Integration for the following applications:

Power-Generation Controls:
Nuclear, combined cycle, coal- and gas fired, co-generation, solar, hydro-electric.

Industrial Controls:
Oil and gas, chemical injection, mining, semi-conductor, water and wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis systems, bio fuels, manufacturing.

Warehouse-Distribution Controls:
Conveyor controls, high-speed sortation, automated rack picking, barcode scanning, customer shipping data collection.

Food and Beverage Controls:
Process controls, pasteurization, batch mixing, clean-in-place, trending, and historical data collection.

Graphical-User Interface:
PC based SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. Our SCADA systems, working – in conjunction with our control panels, state-of-the-art networking and telemetry – provide customers automated control of their facilities.

IPT offers a full line of instrumentation products, including measurement of process level, temperature, pressure, flow, and water/chemical analytical.


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